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8 Things Your Pool Cleaning Guy Won’t Tell You

Unless you invite your pool cleaner indoors for coffee once he finishes the job, there is probably a great deal of information he has not shared with you. After all, swimming pool care in Alpharetta is fairly detailed work; most homeowners, though, simply schedule their service and point the way to the pool deck. Pool cleaners have plenty of insider information that they have not had the chance to share with you—or maybe are not allowed to! This may seem scandalous, but usually it’s just good business—some companies assume that the less you know, the better. Don’t fret, though; if there is anything they aren’t telling you about pool cleaning in Alpharetta, it’s listed here.

  • First of all, they know how and why your pool tends to get dirty. If you remove overhanging tree limbs and keep your pool deck tidy, you can dramatically reduce the number of cleanings your pool needs.
  • Second, they know exactly what type of pool filter you have and what it can handle. If your pool filter is too old or too small for your pool, they might not tell you this. They also might neglect to tell you how much energy waste is going toward an old filter. If your pool is more than 5 years old, ask a pool service company in Alpharetta for their professional opinion: Should you keep, repair, or replace it?
  • Pool cleaners also know how important their work is. If a pool is not maintained often and properly, it can lose as much as half of its lifespan. It’s better than nothing, though—a pool that is never cleaned and maintained will lose almost 3/4 of its lifespan.
  • The same goes for saltwater pools. They do not maintain themselves, as much as advertisers might try to convince you to the contrary. If you own a saltwater pool, you may want to ask for professional pH balancing and draining services. These processes are a bit more finicky with saltwater pools.
  • A green pool is not just a dirty pool; it is a pool filled top-to-bottom with algae and bacteria like E. coli, which can be deadly.
  • Unfortunately, “green” pool cleaning products do not work as well as chlorine. If you order your pool cleaners in Alpharetta to use green cleaners, they will follow your instructions, but they know that these products allow the pool water to become discolored and cloudy much sooner.
  • Pools that receive constant, warm sunlight are in danger of chlorine loss. That is because chlorine dissipates when exposed to the UV rays in sunlight. Ask your pool cleaner to drop slow-dissolving chlorine additives to your pool; they will maintain your pool’s self-cleaning abilities, even in warm weather.
  • You should test your pool water about twice a week, even if you ask your pool cleaning service to do it for you. Most people have their pools cleaned weekly or even monthly, but you should check your pool’s pH, chlorine levels, and more on a regular basis. Pool cleaning in Alpharetta involves more than skimming the pool, after all. Ask your cleaning guy to provide you with pool testing strips so you can monitor your pool water more frequently.

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