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7 Pool Cleaning Tips for Spring

Everyone knows that spring is the time for deep cleaning. That also applies to your pool because, after a long season of latency, warming temperatures mean that your pool will be used more often. Those same warming temperatures can also heighten the need for cleaning since algae will begin to bloom in your pool once the temperatures are consistently at 60 degrees or above. That’s why many pool-cleaning services in Duluth count the spring as their busiest season of the year as pool owners hope to restore their backyard oases to their previous summertime glory.

Though consulting with professional pool cleaners is always wise, there are some spring-cleaning tasks that the average pool owner can handle with a little bit of knowledge and some elbow grease. Performing these important tasks can go a long way towards preparing your pool for the busiest time of the year and ensuring that you and your family will enjoy clean, crystal-clear water with the least amount of hassle. Keep reading to learn 7 pool cleaning tips that you can use to prepare your pool this spring.

Inspect Your Pool and Plumbing

Before you got to the trouble of amending your water quality, cleaning the pool, and topping off water levels, do a quick inspection of your pool to check for problems. For example, make sure that there are no leaking gaskets. Make sure the gauges are in good order, and there aren’t any noticeable plumbing leaks. Turn the pump and filter on to make sure they are running as they should.

Treat Algae

Algae can begin to form in your pool once the average temperatures are consistently at or above 60 degrees, which means that you should begin treating for algae growth once your pool water reaches that threshold. It’s easier to conquer algae when you start early, so don’t hesitate to begin treatments in the spring.

Trim Vegetation

If you have bushes, shrubs, and trees around your pool, you can save yourself a lot of effort and frustration later in the swimming season by trimming that vegetation back significantly. One of the main pollutants in your pool comes from fallen organic material like leaves and twigs, so trim vegetation to save yourself the trouble of cleaning it up perpetually.

Fill It Up

Even if your pool was covered throughout the winter, evaporation still happens. Also, many pool owners take the water level down below the height of the skimmers as part of the winterization process. The springtime is the right time to top off your pool and prepare it for the busy season. Go ahead and add water to the desired level, and you’ll be a step ahead of the game.

Clean the Pool

Obviously, if vegetation or other debris fell into your pool over the course of the winter, now is the time to remove it to prevent staining or other damage to your pool. Also, you should take the opportunity in the spring to thoroughly clean the sides and floor of your pool with a vacuum to get a good baseline of cleanliness to start the season.

Clean Pool Accessories

A pool-centric life involves more than the pool itself, as you have many accessories such as floats, pool furniture, and toys that are part of the pool experience. Take the time to clean these accessories well so they too will be ready for the start of the pool season.

Stock Up on Supplies

While many people hire a pool service to maintain the water quality of their pools, some pool owners still take a do it yourself approach. Spring is a good time to restock on your pool chemicals and other supplies. You may be able to take advantage of sales or bulk pricing, so look for deals on the supplies you need.

Spring is the perfect season to get your pool ready for the busiest time of the year, whether that just involves cleaning it thoroughly or making much-needed pool repairs in Duluth. To learn more tips you can use to prepare your pool for the summer swim season, contact Sunrise Pool Services at (678) 804-0050.

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