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5 Tips on Reducing Pool Maintenance Costs

Are you concerned about the costs of maintaining your swimming pool? With the cost of heating and filtering the water and balancing the water chemicals, your monthly expenditures may be staggering. Fortunately, you can easily reduce your pool maintenance cost in Alpharetta by following these 5 tips.

Keep the Temperature Low

As it gets colder outside, your pool heater may run around the clock. Obviously, the warmer you keep your pool, the more you’ll pay for your electricity bill. You should keep the temperature warm enough so it’s comfortable for you to swim in it, but you shouldn’t heat it up too much. The cooler the water is, the more you can lower your heating costs.

Keep the Filter Clean

Your pool filter needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that it operates efficiently. If you want to avoid costly repairs, you need to keep the filter clean. You should also consider only running the filter at night when electricity might be cheaper. Some people run the filter 24/7, but that’s usually not necessary.

Invest in an Efficient Pump

When it comes to buying pool pumps, you have a choice between one-speed pumps and energy-efficient, variable speed pumps. The latter is usually the better investment, because it can save you a lot of money in energy costs over the years. If you need to purchase a new pump, you may also want to look into energy rebates.

Cover Your Pool at Night

Water evaporates at a fast pace if you don’t utilize a pool cover. Having to cover the pool at night is a little extra work, but you can save a lot of money on heating as well. Another benefit of using a pool cover is that you have to spend less time cleaning out leaves and other debris before taking a swim. In essence, you’re just exchanging one job (cleaning the pool) for another (covering the pool) and saving money by doing it.

Balance pH and Stabilizer Levels

Chemicals are needed to keep the water safe for swimming. The challenge is that you need to keep chlorine levels just right. You should regularly measure your pool’s pH balance to make sure that your pool is safe to use. But don’t forget to monitor stabilizer levels. Stabilizer is important to ensure the chlorine’s effectiveness. If you don’t keep your pool properly balanced, you may end up wasting a lot of money by adding the wrong chemicals to the pool.

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