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5 Easy Steps to Follow during Swimming Pool Care

A swimming pool is a major investment, one that requires delicate care. While a pool service company in Atlanta can easily maintain for your pool and provide for its most important needs, many homeowners choose to endure the hot Atlanta sun for some DIY pool service.

For all who may be interested, here are the 5 steps you should know for optimal swimming pool care in Atlanta.

Test the Water Quality

If you ask any swimming pool contractors in Atlanta, they will tell you that the quality of a swimming pool’s water is essential to the safety of swimmers and to maintain a neat appearance. If you want to test the water quality yourself, you must purchase the appropriate testing strips and check all of the following twice a week:

  • pH levels (ideally 7.2-7.8)
  • Alkalinity (80-120 ppm)
  • Chlorine levels (1.0-2.0 ppm)
  • Cyanuric acid levels (40-80 ppm)
  • Degree of calcium hardness (180-220 ppm)
  • The amount of dissolved solids (below 5000 ppm)

Apply Treatment Chemicals When Necessary

If any of the above levels are not in the listed ranges, you will need to apply a variety of chemicals to your pool water to adjust the levels, such as chlorine and algaecide. Do not be concerned: all of these chemicals are safe for swimmers when used appropriately. Follow each product’s directions exactly and consult with pool maintenance professionals in Atlanta when selecting additive brands.

Check the Water Levels

Rain, heat waves, and rowdy swimmers can change the water levels in your pool. You will need to check the water levels in your pool regularly to ensure proper function. If the water levels are too high, the skimmer will struggle to keep the water clean. If the levels are too low, the skimmer and motor will overwork to suck in water and potentially burn out. Ideally, the surface of the water should be about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the skimmer.

Clean the Pool

Even the best filters need a little help now and then. Excess leaves, foreign matter, and dirt can accumulate on the water’s surface, on the walls, or on the floor of a pool. Use brushes and hand skimmers at least once a week to keep your pool spotless. Without this manual care, your pool can become visibly dirty and unsafe, and you can drastically shorten the life span of your filter.

Maintain Your Filters

Your pool’s filter works constantly to keep the water clean and safe for swimmers. Due to their tireless work, these machines need maintenance of their own. Speak with experts in swimming pool care in Atlanta to determine how best to clean and tune up your pool’s filtration system. There are many different types of filters, after all. Even if you had the knowledge to identify them by sight, you should ask a professional how best to care for your specific type and brand of machine.

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