5 Common Pool Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are so many benefits that come with having a pool. Spending quality time with the family and having a backyard oasis to cool off in when temperatures soar are two reasons to invest in a pool. When you have a pool, you want to keep it in good shape to avoid expensive repairs. This is why it’s important to know how to maintain the pool. Continue reading to learn the 5 mistakes you need to avoid.

You Didn’t Prepare Your Pool for Guests

This is a common mistake among first-time pool owners. You get a new pool and you want to throw a huge party to celebrate. What’s the problem? The more people you have in the pool, the more chlorine you need to keep the chemicals balanced. Before you invite everyone for a dip in your new pool, make sure you’re using the right amount of chemicals. Consult with swimming pool cleaners in Cumming, GA, for this information.

Dog in Pool

Letting Your Family Pets Play in the Pool

Nothing is more joyful than watching a water-loving pup play in the pool, but it’s not a good habit to start. Pets in the pool mean fur in the filter. Allowing your pets to swim in the pool can lead to a clogged impeller and a phone call for emergency External link opens in new tab or windowswimming pool care in Cumming, GA. This is an expensive problem that you don’t want to have. The better option is to keep the pool for humans only.

You Turn the Pool Pump Off

Pool owners turn their pool pumps off because they want to save money on their electric bills. However, you could find that the savings aren't adding up because you’re spending more money on pool chemicals and professional swimming pool maintenance in Cumming, GA. One benefit of swimming pools is that they clean themselves as long as the pump is running. When you turn off the pump, even for short periods, your pool becomes susceptible to algae growth.

In Georgia, where the humidity and temperatures are high, this creates the perfect environment for algae to grow in your pool. If you want clean, clear water, you need to run the pump 7 – 8 hours a day during the summer. In situations where the pool turns green, you might need to run the pump 24 hours or more to clear the water. You don’t want to be in this situation, so run the pump according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal cleaning.

Pool Party

Using Pool Dye

Many people like to use pool dye to give their backyard pool a cool vibe. Is pool dye safe? Yes, most pool dyes are safe to use, but only if they’re paired with the right filter. Pool owners run into problems when using the wrong filter. If you’re interested in coloring your pool, the next time you have swimming pool maintenance, ask which filter is best for pool dyes.

You’re Not Using Algaecide Right

Not all swimming pool maintenance chemicals in Cumming, GA, work the same on algae. While most algaecides reduce your chlorine content, that doesn’t mean you toss in more chlorine and call it a day. In fact, going this route could cause your pool to turn greener. Follow the instructions on the algaecide and use as directed for the best results.

At Sunrise Pool Services, we want you to enjoy endless hours in your backyard. Call us today for professional swimming pool cleaning in Cumming, GA.