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4 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Bug-Free

If you’ve ever swam in a pool only to find you’re not alone and nasty bugs are swimming alongside you, then you know the importance of keeping a pool bug-free. This may seem like an impossible task; it seems like it’s in a bug’s nature to find a body of water and approach it for a drink. Actually, it’s possible to keep your pool free of bugs with both prevention methods and thorough cleaning methods.

Here are the top four ways that swimming pool cleaners in Duluth recommend you keep your pool bug-free.

Protect the Pool

You can protect your swimming pool from bugs in a few simple ways. First of all, run your pool pump for up to 4 hours a day to keep the water cycling and prevent stagnation. Most bugs that are drawn to water, such as mosquitoes, are only attracted to still water.

Also, keep your pool chlorinated at 3-4 ppm (parts per million). Swimming pool maintenance chemicals like chlorine are must-haves for all pool owners, especially as the summer heat draws new insects to your backyard.

You also can purchase a cover for your pool so you can keep it guarded while it’s not in use. Good pool covers are close to airtight, so even tiny bugs will have trouble getting into your pool. Remember that you can still run your pool pump while the pool is covered.

Get Rid of Algae

There are some simple ways to prevent mosquitoes and other invasive insects, but what do you do about water bugs that spend most of their lives on or in the water? Water striders and other aquatic bugs are attracted to algae, so if you want to keep these bugs out of your pool, you need to eliminate their food source.

Chlorine isn’t enough to kill or prevent algae. You may need to shock your pool with high concentrations of chlorine in order to get rid of algae. Run this process carefully; you’ll need to decrease the chlorine levels again before it’s safe for swimming. Talk to a swimming pool cleaning company in Duluth for advice on shocking your pool.

Get Rid of Existing Bugs

There may be bugs in your pool already. Skimming can get them out, but there’s an easier way to get rid of live insects that can propel themselves in the water. Shake a mixture of dish soap and water into a spray bottle, then spray any groupings of bugs that you see. The dish soap will change the surface tension of the water so that they can’t float on it. Instead, they’ll drown. Your pool’s filter should be able to eliminate the dead insects, but you can skim away any large ones that remain behind.

Hire a Pool Maintenance Team

Finally, hire professional swimming pool cleaners to maintain your pool on a regular basis. They can perform tasks that may be too advanced for you, such as cleaning the filter basket, and can shock your pool and kill algae. While you may not have time to perform all of the above services to keep bugs out of your pool, a professional maintenance team will gladly visit your pool and keep it bug-free.

So, how do you find a swimming pool maintenance service in Duluth? Start with Sunrise Pool Services, Duluth’s first choice for affordable, professional, and skilled swimming pool services.

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