How Often a Swimming Pool Should Be Cleaned?

Pool cleaner

If you ever want to clear out your pool, mention that it needs cleaning. Everyone loves to use a pool during the dog days of summer (or year-round in some climates), but no one enjoys keeping it clean. Keeping your pool clean, however, is key to ensuring that it remains attractive, healthy and safe. The question is, how often should you clean it?

The answer depends on what part of the pool you have in mind but as any External link opens in new tab or windowhome pool maintenance service in Atlanta will tell you, there is no such thing as “not enough.” Here are the basics.


Your pool’s skimmer cleans by catching floating debris and sending it to a filter basket that has to be cleaned whenever it becomes filled. This should be done on a daily basis. If there are many trees near your pool, once a day may not be enough. Not emptying your filter basket, by the way, can result in clogged pipes as well as debris-filled backwash into your pool. A neglected skimmer basket also makes your filter work harder than usual, which can reduce its shelf-life and add to the expense of upkeep. This is particularly true with the pool maintenance cost in Atlanta for the average pool owner because of the abundance of trees that city has.


Vacuuming your pool is at least a once-a-week endeavor. This also is particularly true if you have any type of tree that sheds leaves, seeds or nuts regularly. The risk of not cleaning is two-fold: Left alone long enough, bottom debris can affect the chemistry and color of the water. In extreme cases, debris can also clog filters and pipes once it is vacuumed. In some cases, the pool might need to be vacuumed twice a week or more.

Pool cleaner with skimmer


If your pool has tiles, you should clean them once a week as well. If your pool has a lot of tiles, scheduling portions of tile throughout the week is one way to avoid having to spend a ton of time at once scouring your tiles.

Pool Pumps

Your swimming pool maintenance in Atlanta should also include flushing your pumps and cleaning all filters at least once a month. A backwash should be done twice a summer, but make sure you adhere to the pressure requirements in your owner’s manual.

Cleaning your pool is a key element to ensuring your pool can be used for years to come. Neglecting it can result in higher maintenance costs and equipment that breaks down before its time. Your cleaning regimen should also, of course, include cleaning equipment and the pool as it becomes dirty, whether it is on your schedule or not.