The Importance of Pool Inspection


Pool inspections are an essential part of owning and maintaining a pool. Annual pool inspections help keep your pool safe to use and ensure that you stay ahead of any breaking or failing parts. Pool inspections are not only a smart idea but are a requirement in some situations and states.

Why You Need to Have Your Pool Inspected

We recommended that all pool owners have their pools regularly inspected. Many people think that pool inspections are unnecessary because they can simply replace or fix a part once it breaks. However, pool inspections can help you identify issues and safety hazards before they become a problem.


These inspections help to keep your pool in excellent condition, saves you money, and ensures that your swimming pool is safe to use at all times.

Keeps Your Pool Looking Great

Over time, your pool will start to show signs of age from regular use and exposure to the elements. With regular pool inspections, you can stay on top of potential problems and address them before they cause real damage or start to look bad.


Regular pool inspections can help keep your pool looking great. Your inspector will make recommendations for what to replace and when so that your pool stays in top condition.

Saves You Money

A pool inspection can save you a lot of money. A pool inspector can identify parts that are close to breaking or will need repairs soon. This information can help you get ahead of problems before they become severe or expensive. In general, it will save you money to fix an issue early on rather than waiting for it to become a big problem.

Keeps Your Pool Safe to Use

Pool inspections also help to keep your pool safe to use. Swimming pool inspectors will check every part of the pool, including electricity, plumbing, and safety features. Pool safety is one of the most critical parts of the inspection.


By regularly checking on these pool components, you can feel confident that you will find and fix any potential safety issues before they become significant problems.

What Swimming Pool Inspectors Look For

When you hire a swimming pool inspector, they will meticulously check every aspect of your pool. They will gather information so that they understand the condition of a swimming pool during their inspection.


A typical pool inspection will include a thorough investigation of the entire pool and its parts. The technician will check the physical aspects of the pool and the components that run the pump, the wiring, and the plumbing. Most pool inspections consist of checking the following components:

  • Structure of the pool and foundational issues
  • Broken or cracked tiles
  • Pool Deck
  • Pool Pump
  • Pool Filter
  • Heater
  • Vacuum
  • Jets
  • Electricity and Plumbing
  • Water Features
  • Lights


At the end of the inspection, your technician will give you a detailed list of any current or potential problems so that you can address them.


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