How to Reduce High Pressure in Your Pool System

If you own a pool, there are things you need to be on the lookout for so that it stays in good working condition. Besides making sure it's clean and chemically balanced, you need to periodically check on the status of your pool's water pressure. If your pump and filter system aren't working properly, your pool won't be as clean as it should be. High pressure, in particular, can be a sign that there's something wrong with your pool's filtration system which may require you to contact local experts in External link opens in new tab or windowpool maintenance service in Duluth. In the meantime, here are some steps you can take to drop your pool's water pressure.

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Cleaning Your Filter

One of the most likely reasons your pool's water pressure is too high is due to a dirty filter. As dirt gathers within the filter, your pump is forced to work harder, increasing the water pressure. If you have a DE filter, it won't necessarily be backwashed each time you backwash it. Eventually, the DE and dirt will build up within the filter, reducing its effectiveness. With sand filters, the sand can become clogged due to dirt and oil. If you notice this is the case, you'll have to replace the sand. As for cartridge filters, when algae infects your pool, it will leave a fine layer of slime on your filter. You can remove the algae from the pool by shocking it, but this will have no effect on the filter itself. The only solution is to break the filter down and clean it or have it serviced by your pool maintenance professionals in Duluth.

Changing Filter Elements

Besides the filter, there are other components within your pool's filtering system that might be responsible for its high water pressure. A DE filter has grids that can be clogged with minerals or detritus, and cartridges in cartridge filters can have the same problem. Cleaning is usually ineffective in these circumstances, so you'll probably have to replace the grid or cartridge.

Giving Your Filters a Break

When DE filters run non-stop for 24 hours a day, the DE can become tightly packed onto the grid, diminishing the filter's performance and raising the water pressure. If you suspect this is the problem, turn off your pump at night. In the morning, the DE should have had time to loosen and settle, so when you restart it, the pressure should be lower. If you have no choice but to run the pump for an extended period of time, expect to backwash it every couple of days.

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Blockage in Your System

Your pressure gauge does more than just measure the back-pressure in your filter - it measures your entire pool system. If there's something causing an interruption in the free flow of water - such as closed valves or blockage due to something mechanical - your gauge will indicate it.

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