How to Clean Hard Water from Your Swimming Pool Tiles


Caring for a swimming pool can be tough work, but it must be done if you want the best experience out of it. Getting the best means you'll enjoy all of the amazing benefits pools can offer: relaxing outdoor fun, a beautiful environment, and great exercise. One of the top ways a pool can be less enjoyable than it should be is by allowing it to slowly decline in appearance. However, this isn't usually permanent. One example is hard water stains. You can clean these tough and ugly stains from pools in Cumming if you follow these 6 steps:

1.       Remove the water. You must drain your pool at least 12 inches below the level of the tiles or drain it completely if you have a tiled floor. A pool service company can help you drain your swimming pool.

2.       Buy a certified tile cleaner. It should be made of gel and be strong enough to remove stains without damaging tile, staining the grout, or leaving behind harsh chemical residue.

3.       Apply the cleaner to the tiles with a cloth, being sure to provide total coverage to every tile. Imagine that you're painting the pool with the cleaning gel.

4.       Let the gel sit for about 15 minutes to take action against the hard water stains--a buildup of minerals in the pool water. Try not to disturb it while it's working hard to remove the mineral buildup.

5.       Use a damp rag--dampened with water from the tap, not the pool itself--or a brush to rinse off the tiles. You may want to give your tiles a second rinse to ensure all the gel has come off the tiles.

6.       They should now look shiny, clean, and free of deposits. You can now fill your swimming pool again.

If these steps seem too difficult or time-consuming for you--and this is understandable--you can hire professional pool cleaners to do this work for you. Once you contact the professionals, they can perform a swimming pool inspection, identify stained areas on your tile, and clean them with the best cleaning substances and equipment they have on-hand. Pro pool cleaners can make pools in Cumming look like new again without you having to lift a finger.