5 tips for winterizing your pool

Most people choose to stop using their pool around Labor Day. In warmer areas of the country, they may use their pool until Halloween. No matter where you live, you need to winterize your pool. Pool cleaning and other steps are important to protect your pool through the cold and ensure that it won't take lots of work to prepare it for the following spring. Use these tips to winterize your pool:

1. Thoroughly Clean It

By cleaning your pool now, you can remove anything before it gets a change to set throughout the winter. You should remove chemicals that can harm your pool liner, such as bromine. While cleaning your pool, don't forget to clean the filter and filter hoses to remove any debris that could have gotten into them during the summer.

2. Drain Water Pipes

Refrain from draining your pool; this will protect it throughout the winter. Instead, you can place a flotation device on the water, which will get the brunt of the pressure as the water expands when it freezes. You should, however, drain all water from your pipes, filters, connections, pump, and heater. This is important to protect these parts from bursting when the water freezes and expands within them.  

3. Balance Water Chemistry

It's important to test the water chemistry levels and add any chemicals that you need to protect the pool from corrosion and scale buildup. Make sure to check the pH, calcium, chlorine, and total alkalinity of the pool. Some people also choose to use winter kits to protect the water. These kits contain extra chlorine and algaecide to prevent anything from growing in the pool while it's out of commission.

4. Store Equipment

If you have any detachable parts, such as ladders or diving boards, you should remove them and put them in storage. Also, put away any pool toys, flotation devices, patio chairs, and other equipment. Place them somewhere away from the winter weather, so they will be in good condition and ready to use when the pool reopens for the summer.

 5. Cover the Pool

When everything is ready to go, place a winter cover over your pool. A winter cover is heavier and often contains chemicals to protect your pool and remove any water that builds up on top of it. If your cover has any holes or damage, you should repair or replace it as soon as possible.

From pool cleaning to cover placing, each step is important to properly prepare your pool and protect it from the problems that could occur throughout the winter.