12 Ways to Keep Pool Costs Low


Do you enjoy the fun and comfort of your pool but have a hard time keeping the pool maintenance cost in Alpharetta down? Here are 12 ways for you to cut some of the cost of owning a pool.

Add Chlorine at Night

Did you know that the UV rays produced by the sun can breakdown the chemicals in the pool chlorine? Try to avoid adding chlorine during the hottest parts of the day and instead, add the chlorine in at night.


If you maintain a proper and constant routine of adding the right amount of chlorine to the pool, then the amount you need to add overall is cheaper.

Water Conservation

Refilling the pool with water can be a drain in your water bill. Try to reduce this cost by keeping as much of the water inside the pool by reducing the amount that you splash out onto the concrete and stone.

Clean the Pool

Keeping the pool free from bugs, debris, and random garbage that can fall into your pool can quickly cause a chemical imbalance in the pool.


Running the filter and pump only occasionally can help keep the electricity bill down. Run as often as needed, but overdoing it can lead to needlessly high electricity bills.


Keep tree branches, grass clippings, and leaves out of the pool, and try to grow vegetation a considerable distance away from the pool. This can imbalance chemicals and attract pests.


Installing a light in your pool can save electricity. Turn all the patio lights off and swim in the pool light. The electricity output of the one light compared to all the patio and backdoor lighting you might have can be significant.


Reduce evaporation from your pool by building a wall or other form of wind block. Wind can increase the rate of evaporation, costing you money for constant pool refilling.


Turn off Features

Slides, fountains, jets and heaters can be fun, but also run up the electricity and water bill quickly. Turn off these features when they’re not being used.

Buy an Electric Cleaner

Purchasing an electric cleaner can save money in the long run. They are built to be efficient, durable, and do a good job of keeping the lining clean.

Get a Pool Cover

Pool covers are probably the best way to maintain chemical balance, reduce debris, and cut down on evaporation. They are also a must in the winter time.


Generally just looking at the pool and inspecting the inner lining, the pool cover, pumps, and any cracking or worn-down parts can help keep money in your pocket.

Here are 12 ways to help cut pool costs, if you have any questions or inquiries, be sure to contact your local pool maintenance professionals in Alpharetta today.